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Japan Grand Tour – The Itinerary

It is hitting me harder and harder as the days pass that soon I travel. I did go overboard, I planned 3 weeks, 8th May to 29th May, so my plane departs from Stockholm Arlanda on the 8th.

I will share some details below, but please keep in mind, all is only for reference, I am not advertising for any of these hotels, or flight carriers.

AIRPLANE DETAILS – for reference only

Just to show you, this is my flight plan above, it is very quick and it was also quite cheap, although I did book ahead with a couple of months.

Below a little and short itinerary I have created, hope you like it 🙂 This is where I will be, dates, things I really want to do (just some, I probably will do way more) and where I plan to stay.

SHORT ITINERARY – Click on the picture to open in actual size

I promise to post more about the details and budget once I am back and on the way, with pictures of course. 

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