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My Travel Gear

Hello there Everyone,

So, I am in for a major treat next week, I am travelling to JAPAN!

But before I write about this, I would like to introduce you guys to the gear I have for travelling. There are some things that are not on the picture, but I will just add them here in text. I also don’t plan to take all this to Japan, I don’t need to, some things are for other, more cold weather, or for hiking.

So, let’s start!

  1. Some cleaning liquids, just in case I have nowhere to wash hands

  2. My towel, it is a compact one, so it doesn’t take much space

  3. A light jacket

  4. Extra shoes, which is comfortable in case my feet are hurting – it is called Mahabis actually, it is quite nice, slippers-like shoes which is light, and very comfy.

  5. Travel book, I would recommend to get something easy to hold on to

  6. My backpack, it is an Osprey Farpoint 70, very cool stuff, it is a 2 in 1 backpack with a big part, which can be opened all the way, and a normal day backpack that you can attach to the big backpack.

  7. Compression bags, I have 2, but usually it is not needed. They also function as dry-bags, so they can be useful, they also help to compress your bigger clothes like coats or pullovers, can be very helpful, if you are going during cold weather, or if you plan a long travel

  8. Pillow, small and comfy, good on the airplane and also if you need an extra

  9. Headlights

  10. Organizers for clothes

  11. It is a smaller bag on the belt for passport, phone, etc

  12. My lucky cap 🙂

  13. Organizer for all the electricity stuff. If you have good eyes, you can see I also have headphones attached for the long trips, also I have electricity adapters (you need a 100V for Japan) and extra batteries for my camera

  14. Sunglasses

  15. My Camera, it is an Olympus TG5 which is dust and water resistant, so that makes it really nice to use on trips where you want to make some underwater pictures. It is also extremely small, so easy to pack in a small bag

  16. My washbag

  17. Dry bags, I have a 20L and a 12L version, it is good for dirty stuff, or if you get a major rain and want to make sure nothing else gets wet

  18. Straps, which you can use to attach bags outside to your backpack

  19. Adapter-pack for electricity

  20. A bag with medicines, patches, creams, anything that I might need if I get a cut, or anything

  21. Small bluetooth speakers, I love them, since they sound awesome, and they are really cool to take when you want to just chill and listen to something

  22. My tablet, a Lenovo Windows tablet

  23. Bluetooth keyboard, which I probably will not take, but it can be useful if you go longer and want to blog on the way. I will do that home, so I don’t think I will take it, but it works with any phone, or tablet

I also have some compression socks for the long walks which is not on the picture, but I will definitely take them. They help a whole lot when your legs feel tired, also useful to take them on the airplane.

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