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I am sorry to keep you waiting so long for the footage from Japan, honestly, after I got back I was sucked into work almost instantly and all my colleagues went on vacation, leaving me with a bit more than usual. All fine though, that’s how life is, just got behind – seriously – with the cutting of the footage. I am close to finishing, and in the meantime I got some other things going on too.

  1. You probably saw I changed the style of the blog slightly, this is a bit easier to overview

  2. I started a GoFundMe page and will go on with a Patreon page, that’s why I now have also a logo and some T-shirts which can be ordered, and will also be given away

  3. I was travelling a bit more, Hungary and Gothenburg with even more footage to cut, so I will seriously need to get down to cut the footage 🙂

I hope to get more things going now, I just got some extra gearing as well which helps with travels and videos, I will post an article on my current gear specifically and why I chose it.

Stay tuned! 🙂

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