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Travel Plans

Since I got back – after obviously relaxing a bit and working, oh yeah, I do have a day-job besides the blog 🙂 – I was thinking constantly… Where to go next. I always intended Japan as a test for what I can do, how much it is working, how I handle it, financially, and with inspiration. It turned out to be one of the best things in my life, so no question I want to continue.

I will soon post a video, more vlog-like, not a montage, the topic will be the budget for a 3 week travel that was the base to the montage. Since I really want to go into a style where I show you places, beautiful places, and how exactly you can get there. There is still a belief that travelling is expensive and unreachable. In a way, yeah, it’s not cheap, but definitelly not as expensive as you would imagine. So with a bit of saving you can get there and see all the things I did. More about that later, in another post, now let me write about the plans a little.




Same with some other places within Europe, I will have to see what exactly, but I probably travel a little within Europe.


So there you go guys, just a small planning what I am trying to do, I probably will maintain a timeline and plans page too on the site, so watch out for the links.

Take care and see you soon!

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