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Who is The Vagabond

A person with serious wanderlust and – funnily – serious introversion. Oh well, how did this happen you may ask, I have no idea. Just one thing, I love travelling, and discovering the world, although I like to do it on my own, maybe with some friends. I like to meet new people, but I am never going to be a traveller in the middle of attention, if that makes sense. I would probably rather be the observer, giving more perspectives of a place, but I will not go for the parties. I probably would love to talk to people and hang out with them, but then I will go and just enjoy the sunset on my own.

Actually that’s why I chose the name “Vagabond”. For me it always meant a person with no dependencies, sometimes a bit lonely, but rather an adventurer who shows up and then leaves with the wind.

I was travelling before, but now is the time when I believe I can do that more frequently, even create videos of the places, and write some advice. And who knows, if I am good enough, I might be able to live out of this, do it as a profession. That really would be a dream, and I hope I can do it as enjoyably as I can, so you would read my posts and watch my videos.

I plan to travel around the world, as frequent as possible, and load my experience on accommodation, food, sightseeing, things to do, things not to do, things to visit, and people I met there. Overall cultural view, maybe with some spice from an “observers” point of view. I will not go for the “tourist” sites all the time, so I hope to give you some excitement.

Welcome to my site, and I hope you will enjoy the time here!

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