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Dusting off the website

Hi All!

It has been a while, I know, that I was adding a post, but now it is the time to dust off what I started doing here.

There are some changes, one you probably found is the name change. There is a very simple reason for that: being unique and integrate further items from my personality.

Vagabond: still because I consider myself a wanderer who is going around without any boundaries. Turtle: this is basically a seaturtle, that is my favourite animal, also symbol of world travelling.

That together is what I use now, and also that came with logo and channel changes.

I will keep updating now the website too, most of my activity however is on my Youtube Channel:

Covid really didn't help us travel more, but soon we are planning international travel videos, not only local ones, and even until that happens, we are showing a lot of beautiful or interesting sites and things to do in Sweden. In any case, it is worth subscribing there and check out the old and new videos!

Thank you for popping by and hope you will become part of the community!

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