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Sweet problems – Too many projects

It has been again for some time that I have not posted for you guys, but at least I can say it is for a good reason. In fact, I am sitting on a vast amount of footage with incredible places, I was working on the pictures, the cut, the technical and gadget videos, and posts for you. The bad news is that this is taking time, although I am far from complaining, I enjoy it, and I am happy it is on the way, what I am not happy is that it takes indeed time. I have to do daily job on the side – just so you understand why it takes time – but I am doing my best, so very soon I will be pleased to post some vlog, and videos of my gears, and some nice montage of our tripsin beautiful Scandinavia just as well as some Hungary videos.

A lot is going on, and I cannot be more happy about it. I have now officially my friend, joining us with videos and posts soon, and some others too who will appear on the montages and vlogs. I kicked off the Patreon page, and trying my best to fit into this semi-freelancer social media world as much as I can.

In the meantime we work hard also on raising some funds for more professional gears. I am running low on what I can invest now, but I don’t want to stop, so if you like what I do so far, just check out the links on the top of the blog, I started GoFundMe and Patreon. Everything I raise will be put into the work I do here, to make it better, faster, nicer – for

Us and for You my friends. So without adding too much marketing into this, if you feel you can give us the price of a coffee per month, we truly be the happiest travelling-turtles on Earth and will make all we can to give you the quality content you would like to see.

Just to show how things are, and what is happening, you can always check out the photos below on our Instagram page, you will find some in progress or travel pictures of recent and previous pages.

Upcoming projects:
  1. Gears and gadgets video

  2. Budget for 3 weeks in West Japan video and recommendations

  3. Detailed Budget itinerary for West Japan for 3 weeks

  4. Stockholm – Sandasjön trip and video – recommendations

  5. Hungary – Szeged video montageUpcoming Travels:

  6. September: Prague and Wroclaw


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